Made to Break? 
Saturday, November 16, 2013, 10:57 AM

This is my cell phone! It was on vibrate and fell off the table and this is what happened to it. I may be crazy but I don't think making something that will break this easily, and not to mention possibly cause personal injury because of it, is a good idea for mass marketing.

I know there are safer clear covers, I mean Lucite would work just as well wouldn't it?

I think it's just a way for the companies to make money.. can't fix the old phone so you are forced to purchase a new one.

So.. since I can't afford to get a new phone.. I get to keep a stash of band-aids handy.

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Holidays Drive me....... 
Saturday, December 22, 2012, 07:58 PM
What Can I say.. The holidays either drive me crazy or I am just very Bah Humbug. This year it seems to be both.

It feels like we are not even settled in here really.

Hurricane Sandy hit, we were displaced for almost 2 weeks, then Thanksgiving was upon us.. And we moved into the new Apartment (Me, My Daughter and her 2 sons) in the middle of November between those two events.

Kim has been working late hours so I am left to deal with the boys. And I feel like I still have way to much to unpack.

And let us not forget "The End of the World".. Ever try dealing with a hysterical 6 yr old.. who doesn't want the world to end and kill us all?

Sometimes I really hate the media!

All of this does not put me in a very 'Christmasy' mood.

And now.. just two days before Christmas my younger grandson seems to have caught the virus that's been going around. And it looks like the Older one is also catching it.

This year I am so not in a Christmas mood.. but I am really trying! Would be nice if the world would let me succeed!

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Summer Blues 
Saturday, August 4, 2012, 07:56 PM
With Summer more than half over I am looking for things to do around the house with the boys. Only trouble is.. every time I come up with something .. the older one wants to quit halfway through and go do what we are doing for the neighbors to make money.

I gotta admire his ambition, but, at 10 years old.. I really don't see him mowing lawns and cleaning gutters or even walking dogs, since he can't seem to walk his own dog without her getting away.

I asked him to help weed-whack after I mowed and he was immediately.. "ohhh well I can go do this for the neighbors.. how much money can I make".. My answer was.. "Nothing, unless you mow the yards too.. and that isn't happening!"

So.. Tomorrow will be another day of trying to think of something for them to do...

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Weight Loss Challenge Photo - Before 
Monday, April 2, 2012, 09:45 AM

This is for the Weight Loss Challenge.

This is as close to shirtless as I am going to get and this is a rare view of part of me. :-(

Can you tell by the complete lack of tanning on my stomach that I pretty much always keep it hidden. :-/

Linking to my Weight loss tracking.. scarey picture!!! ::shivers::

Oh.. And.. good luck to all of us trying to get fit!

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An added option 
Saturday, March 31, 2012, 07:37 PM
So I listed my options for my daughter.

I may have another. Have sent in an application for a PAID position in the Red Cross located in New Jersey. If this works out, I can help her with the rent and help watch the kids at night and weekends. So I'll be keeping my fingers crossed I hear something soon.

If this comes through.. it will be good for all involved I think. And I'll get to visit with my Son and my friends. Maybe een invite them over for a jam session once in a while.

Only Time will tell.. I just hope it happens.. soon!

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Comments on life 
Thursday, February 16, 2012, 04:20 PM
Sometimes I have to wonder why things happen the way they do. Some people seem so great when you first meet them, only to have them turn out to be the least liked person in your life.

I can't go into specifics because it would end up hurting innocent people in the long run, but suffice it to say that I have found that I really don't want to be around certain people more than is absolutely necessary. And it's hard to put up with their level of incompetency week after week. Does not make the work environment quite as enjoyable. All I can say is thank god they only come in once a week or I'd really be thinking meaner thought right now.

Speaking of thoughts... Been thinking about how to make something better for my daughter. There are two options, well maybe more, but I'll start with two. One is to go back to NJ and become her live in Nanny. That is not really my top choice.

Second is that She move down here.. which I am betting isn't exactly her first choice. She'd need to wait till a job offer came in before she could even attempt it. And then She'll have to try to find some place down here to do her internship for her Masters.

Right now.. neither idea seems to be very good.

And Life goes on!

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In the minds of... 
Friday, July 15, 2011, 11:31 AM
It's been a while since I've written anything. Shame on me!!

But an event, or rather a story of an event, was just so amusing.. (Sort of) That I just had to share.

It all started with my Older sister going to Boston. While she was there she and her two daughters went to what was called "The Scooper Bowl". A large festival where you paid $8 to get in and then could walk around and get ice cream from the dozens of vendors inside for free. From her description, the place was mobbed. There was no room to move around and people were crowded in all over. Making it near impossible to get out of line once you got your "scoop". CHAOS!

Well, as they got closer to the front, there was this woman who had one of those really big strollers and about 5 kids hanging all over it. When the Stroller lady got her Ice cream she started to shout, "Out of my way, Stroller coming through" My Younger niece, who we'll call 'K', Looked at the woman and made a comment something like, "You shouldn't have a stroller like that in here. It already too crowded." While I tend to disagree with that remark as I have had to deal with trying to keep my eye on two kids, I have to say that what happened next was unbelievable.

The Stroller lady looked at 'K' snubbed her nose in the air, then Commented to my other niece ('J' for the sake of this tale, who is rather stocky) And commented that 'J' didn't need to get fatter on ice cream and should leave so that the skinny people could have breathing room. Words were exchanged and Stroller lady left... or so they thought.

A few minute later Stroler Lady walked up and slammed a dish of icecream into J's face. Of course J reacted and fought back. ow all this time My Sister "S" had not been quiet, she'd most likely had a few choice words for Stroller Lady as well. But Wen Stroller lady went after her daughter.. S decided to react.

What was the first thing that came to her mind to stop this attack on her Daughter?

was it..

A) Slamming her dish of Ice cream into the other woman's face

B) Calling 911 and getting the COPS


C) The "Vulcan Nerve Pinch"

Oh Yes.. it was the Nerve pinch, or as my sister called it the "Vulcan Death Grip"!!

For a woman who claims adamantly that she does not like Star Trek that much.. I find this absolutely hysterical that this was the first ting she thinks of..

And no.. it didn't really work.. but Stroller lady disappeared after having torn J's dress and given her a bruise on her face. J went looking for cops and stroller lady.. Standing outside yelling "I've Been Assaulted" Her dress torn on one side, Bra showing in full view and ice cream melting on her face.

Oh And the stroller and all the kids were nowhere in sight.. so she either had someone with whom she could leave the kids in the first place.. or she left them somewhere by themselves. Real good parenting on Stroller ladies part... NOT!

Where are those people with the Video phones when you need them???

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Another Year over.... 
Friday, January 22, 2010, 05:02 PM
Yes 2009 has come and gone. It's bee a year of surprises. Some good and some.. well.. judge for yourself.

Modern art???
Don't I Wish... That's my Laptop :-(

Yes, I close out 2009 and start 2010 with a bang.. but All in all it was a good year despite the shoulder injury that I am still waiting for surgery on.

We lost some of our players to untimely deaths. Those players will remain in our hearts for a long time.

Someone asked me if I got everything I wanted for Christmas.. Well.. I had a white Christmas and got to spend 3 weeks up north with my kids and Grandkids. So Yeah.. That's what I wanted. I would have like to have made arrangements to get together with some of my FSF Friends and family but I think that will have to wait till Shore Leave.

In any case.. Farewell 2009... Welcome 2010!!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009, 09:43 PM
Yes Folks,
Shore Leave 31 has come and gone and I already want to go back!!

It was really nice to see Truce, Margo, Falk, Joe, and KU again, and meet Arianna and BlackJack.

I had an interesting time running the Fan Table for the FSF. Was in the same area where the "stars" had their autograph tables. So I got to see them most of the day. Got some pics of them from the comfort of my table. Also got some pics of some of the costumes people were wearing. Some good.. some.. well you wouldn't catch me in that thing!! (Watch the boards for the links when we get them uploaded)

We got some new names for our mailing lists, and even got one person to JOIN FSF right then and there!! Next year will be even better! Got some good ideas to work on promoting us even better.

Had a great time with everyone at the Hotel, Football keep-away in the pool was a blast.. even though I got there sort of late. And of course they had to torment me yet again with SPIDERs..::SHIVERS:: All in good fun, but I REALLY HATE SPIDERS!!!

We had a good time at the Masquerade and Ten Forward Dance Party Saturday Night. Ran over to the "Bar" while they were setting up and listened to some Karoake. Pretty sure we could do better.. but hey.. ten forward was starting and that's what we came to see.

Seems the Live Video Feed went over well.. Had a few peeps in the chat room all the time. Have a few ideas for making that better next year too LOL

ALL in ALL, I think we had a good year. Time to start Planning for next year :-)

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Walking for Babies 
Thursday, April 17, 2008, 09:49 AM
I don't know why I said yes..but I did.. so Now I will be walking in a walkathon with My Daughter and grandson. It's a good cause though.. you can read about it at the following link and maybe make a pledge too *-)

I'll tell you how everything goes after I walk...if I survive the day :-)

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